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Carbon Black Analysis tester

Carbon Black Analysis tester

GW-3500 Carbon Black analysis equipment 


Carbon Black Analysis tester Use: 


Carbon Black Testing Equipment is used to to determine the carbon black content of polyethylene, polypropylene and polybutylene etc. 


The equipment is comprised by following apparatus: Electric Furnace, high Temperature Glass Combustion, Tube, Glass Tubing, Stoppers, 


Combustion Boat, Iron-Constantan Thermocouple, Traps, Drying Tube. 


The equipment according to ASTM D1603-01,ISO6964-1986(E)standard 


Note: It should not be used for testing the carbon black content of acrylic or other polar monomer modification of polymer


Main technical parameters: 


Furnace Test temperature :23℃-1000℃ 


Temperature accuracy:±1% 


Power supply: 220V/50Hz/3.0k 


Dimension :600(mm)×650(mm)×800(mm)(about 60kg)

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