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Testing Tank

Testing Tank

Testing Tank Use:

It is a constant temperature tank working with the plastic pipe hydrostatic pressure testing machine (main frame) to control the temperature.

Testing Tank Technical parameters:

NO Performance Specification
1 Temperature control range A type:room temperature~95℃
B type: 15℃~95℃
2 precision of constant temperature ±1℃
3 Temperature uniformity ±1℃
4 Resolution 0.1℃
5 Heating Use closed cycle heating method around testing tank, heating power  ≥ 18KW
6 Test interface 4 stations 
7 water quality assurance Use filter device to make sure water cycle unobstructed
8 Inner Stainless steel
9 Stainless steel material 304
10 Stainless steel plate thickness 1.5mm
11 Outside surface Stainless steel
12 Insulating layer Polyurethane foam 

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